Our Programs

Leadership Development

Alaka'i Academy defines leadership as emotional investment in someone else's success. Thus, it is independent of title, position, number of reportees, etc. It comes down to this: Do you really care? ... → read more

Academic Achievement

Alaka'i Academy has implemented Hawaii Early Learning Development Standards HELDS. HELDS standards that identify expectations of knowledge and behavior for children appropriate to their age ... → read more

Physical Well-being

Morning Stretch is an integral part of the daily routine of the children. In fact, staff also join in the fun. The class mixes language training, with stretching activities, and fun exercise ... → read more

Artistic Expression

Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." Children have an abundant supply of creativity, because they allow themselves the luxury ... → read more

Music Appreciation

Music is a big part of Alaka'i Academy. Music is played all day at our school. We use music to indicate transitions from activities. For example, there are specific songs that indicate the time to... → read more

Pursue of Happiness

We join with the Founding Father of this great nation in the belief that all men are endowed with an unalienable right to pursue happiness. Happiness is something very personal. Yet, there is nothing more Read Moresatisfying to the soul.
Each of us has unique talents and gifts. Something extraordinarial happens when one can match what you love to do, with those natural talents. You find yourself in what Sir Ken Robinson calls, your Element. It is in our element that we produce our finest work, and are the happiest.
Alaka'i Academy has a goal to help each child find his/her Element, and encourage them along the way. Show less