Art and Emotional Development

Each of us has unique talents and abilities. Each of us has enormous potential. Yet, so many people go through life having not real sense of what their talents are. Some even believe they have none. Perhaps, the reason why many people never find their real calling in life is that they lacked confidence to self-express.
Creating and exploring through different artistic mediums expands children's ability to interact with the world around them and helps them build and fine tune skills needed for self-expression and communication. And more importantly, it brings joy and enjoyment to their life.

Here are some examples

Artistic Expression

Whether it be painting, drawing, dancing, acting, building something with your hands, singing, etc., these very human expressions are crucial to emotional development and health. It allows each of us to express in ways that words cannot make justice. Even one art can't compensate for the other. Charles Baudelaire once said, "dancing reveals the mystery that musics conceals." Come on. Let's dance!

Music Appreciation

Music is a big part of Alaka'i Academy. Music is played all day at our school. We use music to indicate transitions from activities. For example, there are specific songs that indicate the time to line up for our flag salute; music to indicate PE/Yoga; Music to indicate outdoor activities; Music for nap time, and we even have music to indicate lunch time. Music is tastefully selected from the classics, as well as some other fun and activity appropriate songs.

Physical Well-being

Keeping kids active at school is a superb way to increase learning, focus and even academic performance. Physical exercise can give a renewed sense of clarity and increase ability to forethink.
Morning stretch and yoga starts the day at Alaka'i Academy. Basketball, tricycle riding, climbing, sliding and more complete the day. In addition, dancing and drama often create ample opportunities for children to fully enjoy the benefits of exercise. Exercise, coupled with proper nutrition and adequate rest, leads to healthy growth. That's why we have a Chef on staff! Our menu was developed by a certified child nutritionist from the University of Hawaii to ensure proper nutrition, balanced diet, and yes, flavor!