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We are honored that you are considering enrolling in Alaka'i Academy.

It is a great responsibility to be trusted to care for a child. Especially during the child's most formative and vulnerable years. It is during this time of their life that children begin to shape and mold their character. Each interaction counts at this stage. We are aware of that, and for that reason, we thank you for your consideration. As you make your final determination, please interview with each school, and see if the staff there is able to model the values, attitudes and vision you aspire for your child.

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere!

Albert Einstein


We are opened Monday through Friday from 7AM to 5:30PM. Breakfast is served from 7:15Am until 7:45AM. Flag Salute is at 8AM. Yoga/Morning Stretch follows the flag salute. The academic curriculum starts at 8:15AM and ends at 3PM. From 3PM to 5PM we focus on drama, music and other activities. School ends at 5PM. Parents are allowed 30 minutes grace period to pickup their children. Doors are locked at 5:30PM..

We are open Monday through Friday with the exception of federal and state holidays. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. For a list of all closing date, please refer to our School Calendar.

Children must be between 24 months and 6 years of age to attend our preschool. Age verification is required in order to enroll.

Yes. Potty training is part of the curriculum for our 2 year old class. Diaper supplies are included with the tuition, but parents may also choose to supply your own diaper/wipes if child requires a specific brand or style. Please discuss your specific situation with the School Director during your interview.

Our school has a full-time chef. All meals and snacks are prepared fresh, daily and are provided free of charge to all enrolled children. Our menu was developed by a Registered Diatician from the University of Hawaii who is certified in child nutrition.

Should your child require a special diet, please discuss your individual situation with the Director during your interview. At times, We may be able to make very minor accommodations. However, if accommodations are not feasible, parents will need to provide meals for the day.

We are closed for most Federal and State Holidays. Please refer to our School Calendar. for list of all holidays as well as our break schedule.

We offer a summer program with a unique curriculum for break activities. It includes more outings and a lighter academic work-load. Our School Calendar. highlights in red the days school is closed, and in blue the days when we will be having the summer curriculum.
We are here for you. Please CALL (808)331-8000 and we will do our best to answer your questions. Aloha!

Health Requirements

Hawaii State Law requires that all new students entering any school in Hawaii have the following documents before starting school:

  1. 1 Tuberculosis (TB) clearance
  2. 2 Completed Student Health Record
  3. 3 All Required Immunizations
  4. OR, a signed statement or a medical appointment card from the child’s doctor to prove that your child is in the process of completing missing immunizations or the Physical Exam

Application Forms

Download and print the PDF file. Using Double-sided printing is recommended.

Enrollment Package

Call to schedule a guided tour.

Alaka'i Academy is currently accepting applications. Parents are encouraged to reserve a spot now. CALL (808)331-8000