Class Schedule

class schedule are driven by weekly lesson plans developed to meet the Hawaii content's standards for Kindergarten. This generic outline give you an idea of the what children can expect on a typical day... → Click image to see class schedule

Physical Well-being

Morning Stretch is an integral part of the daily routine of the children. In fact, staff also join in the fun. The class mixes language training, with stretching activities, and fun exercise. → Read More

Our Library

At the heart of every school are books; after all, books are the most patient of teachers. To quote Emily Dickinson, "There is not frigate like a book, to take us lands away! ... → Chick on the image to expand

We really love what we do

Lori Greenwell, Academic Director

1 Our Curriculum

Alaka'i Academy has implemented Hawaii Early Learning Development Standards, HELDS.
HELDS are a set of research-based standards that identify expectations of knowledge and behavior for children appropriate to their age. This framework for assessing Read More development can be reviewed in detail here.
By following these standards, Alaka'i Academy is poised to meet National Accreditation within a year of incision, which is the fastest accreditation route possible.
In addition to the academic aspects of our curriculum, Alaka'i Academy places high emphasis on the arts, music, theater, and other forms of creative attitudes, as well as the formation of one's character.
Our balanced approached to child development is one of the aspects of our program that sets us apart from all other preschools. Show less

2 Staff Development

Alaka'i Academy provides opportunities for staff to improvement in the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions of early childhood education. Every employee is encouraged to pursue higher learning opportunities in the field. At times, Alaka'i Academy sponsors employees Read More in this endeavor by refunding 100% of tuition for early childhood development courses, classes and seminars.
Further, all teachers are required to participate in a minimum number of continual education credits in order to keep up to date with latest research and further polish their skills. This continuing education training can be done through a variety of means, including face to face training, online classes, conferences, and DVDs, etc.
In addition to the above, Alaka'i Academy holds an annual leadership development workshop for employees, where a variety of subjects are presented. This events are fun, uplifting, and enriching. Show less

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