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    Built with Children in Mind

     Loving & Trained Teachers

     Academic Excellence, Yoga/PE

     Theater, Arts, and Music

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    Accepting Applications

     Licensed Preschool

     As young as 24 months

     Tuition includes all meals

     Diapers are also included!

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    Chef Prepared Meals

     Menu Developed by Child Nutritionist

     Lunch, AM and PM Snacks Prepared Daily

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    Diapers included?

    What a concept!

     Toilet training is part of growing up

     Potty trained children feel a sense of accomplishment

     Toilet training is part of our curriculum

Welcome to Alaka'i Academy

Kona's Premier Preschool.

Testimonials - Check out what parents are saying!

Tina Saxon

Drivng from Hawi to come to Alaka'i Academy...it's worth it.

Julia Aponte

Jacob runs out the door every morning to come to Alka'i Academy.

Haidee and Isaac

We could be here all day telling all the things we love about Alaka'i Academy.

We'll miss you! - Farewell to our kindergarten bound children!

Fund times. Wishing the children going off to kindergarten the best of times in their new schools. We will miss you. Enjoy!

HappyFeet - Storytelling and Imaginative Play with a Soccer Ball

Alaka'i Academy has partnered with HappyFeet Hawaii to provide developmentally appropriate Physical Education to all enrolled children at no extra cost! Soccer is medium to teach athleticism, self confidence, team work and leadership skills. All while having a lot of fun!

Now Accepting Applications!

Alaka'i Academy is currently accepting applications. Please call (808)331-8000 to schedule a tour. Space is limited.

Eco-Healthy Child Care Provider Endorsement

EcoHealthy Childcare Provider
Alaka'i Academy was awarded the disctiction of Eco-Healthy Child Care Provider.

The recognition is given by the Children Environmental Health Network CEHN, an organization recognized by the EPA as award winner for Children Enviromental Health Exelence. In this certification, Alaka'i Academy stands alone in the Big Island of Hawaii.

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